Katharine Wright to Alexander Ogilvie 24-Mar-1913

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Some social catching up; it's raining a lot in Dayton; etc.

"Orville received your telegram of congratulation in the German decision (or was it the American?). They all came so closely together." (See Katharine Wright to Alexander Ogilvie 27-Feb-1913.)

The Wrights saw Lord Northcliffe in Paris and he said "Tell Mr Brewer to call on me if I can be of any assistance."

Katharine received a forwarded letter. Thanks. "You will be interested to know that Judge Hazel allowed claim 3, which is the broad claim on warping alone, as well as the claims on the combination. Curtiss wants to compromise but he won't get any chance of that."


Sender Katharine Wright
Recipient Alexander Ogilvie
Date sent 24-Mar-1913
From location 7 Hawthorn Street, Dayton, Ohio
To location .
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Language English
Refers to flight? 1
Tech fields airplane, airfoil, navigation, wing warping
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