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John Gaunt was an aero inventor and was probably the founder of Gaunt Aircraft, if that company existed.

There might be two John Gaunts with aero patents, because they had substantially different addresses and jobs. One filed as a "haberdashery manufacturer" and a later filing is for an "engineer" in the married quarters at Farmborough.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is John Gaunt

  • Patent GB-1916-125643 (Filing date: 1916-09-30)
  • Patent GB-1908-17014 (English title: Improvements to the propulsion of vehicles, cycles, and ships, Filing date: 1908-08-13)
  • Patent GB-1909-12204 (English title: Improvements to the propulsion of vehicles, cycles, ships and the like, Filing date: 1909-05-24)

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