Heinrich Aeroplane Co., Inc.

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Brothers Albert S. and Arthur O. Heinrich. Late 1915, Albert joined Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co. as chief designer and R. K. Mickey, previously of the R. K. Mickey Co., became company president.

Brothers who built and raced speedboats conceived of airplane with one pair of wings and built monoplane 1909-1910, flown successfully by both brothers in May 1910; made entirely of parts from the U.S., is credited by Gunston as first successful American monoplane. Went on to build additional monoplanes and mono-biplanes, including 18 Heinrich military tractor biplane fighters for the U.S. Army. Also ran two flying schools. Company reorganized late 1915.


Names Heinrich Brothers, later, Heinrich Aeroplane Co., Inc.
Country US
City Baldwin, Long Island, NY
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1915?
Key people Albert S. Heinrich, Arthur O. Heinrich, R. K. Mickey
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