Gourdou and Leseurre

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Partners were Charles Édouard Pierre Gourdou and Jean Adolfe Leseurre.

Research in 1916 to reduce aircraft drag results in filing for a patent 9 January 1917 for parasol-winged fighter. Prototype made for French Aviation Militare at propeller manufacturer Societe Wassmer. By 1919 WWI armistice, 20 improved fighters had been made for Aviation Militaire by Mayen and Zodiac. The partners then established their own factory at St. Maur les Fosses.


Names Gourdou and Leseurre
Country France
City St. Maur les Fosses
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1930s
Key people Charles Édouard Pierre Gourdou, Jean Adolfe Leseurre
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