George Lanzius

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George Lanzius was an aero inventor and founded Lanzius Aircraft Co. He lived in at 34 East 32nd St., Manhattan, and was a Dutch subject. He founded the company in Brooklyn and it was incorporated in Delaware.

This article describes Lanzius's work with great optimism and shows a picture of an elegant Lanzius biplane. The article is by Stanley Yale Beach in Popular Science Monthly, December 1920.

He seems to have been died between 1920 and 1923, according to this source which indicates that he had filed Patent US-1923-391986 but Evelyn Elizabeth Fairbanks Lanzius was the executrix at the time it was granted. (I think.)

Patents whose inventor or applicant is George Lanzius


Names George Lanzius
Birth date
Death date
Countries NL, US
Locations NYC
Tech areas Frame, manufacture
Affiliations Lanzius Aircraft Co.
Wikidata id