Fairey Aviation Co.

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People: Richard Fairey; by 1918, Major Barlow, designer.

Established Fairey Aviation Co., 15 July 1915 with immediate order for 12 Short seaplanes. Then appears to have built company designs including a twin-engine fighter, and various seaplanes. Milestones include building new factory in 1918, becoming a public company in 1929, being a major builder during WW2, and finally being forced by the government to sell his UK company in 1960. A factory set up in Belgium ca. 1930 failed in 1977.

Many workers were Belgian refugees

Location: leased part of factory at Clayton Rd., Hayes, Middlesex, and purchased a nearby field to test landplanes.


Names Fairey Aviation Co.
Country Great Britain
City Middlesex
Started aero 1915
Ended aero 1977
Key people Richard Fairey, Major Barlow
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