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Aldred "Fred" Victor Verville, designer, 1912.

In 1911 produced about 25 biplanes, including three hydroplanes, making it one of the top five constructors in the U.S. Two of these hydroplanes were supplied to the U.S. Navy, composing its first naval air force.[1]

According to 1919YB, Charles Willard, who had learned to fly the first Curtiss machine in 1909 as Curtiss's first student, was chief engineer, Curtiss Airplane Co., 1915-16, and assisted in the design of their large flying boats. According to other research, in 1915-1916, Willard was with LWF Engineering Co. and it's not clear whether he was ever chief engineer for Curtiss. Also, from 1919YB66-67. Robinson made the first long-distance flight (375 miles) in a hydro-aeroplane in 1911 and held the world's unofficial altitude record for the hydro-aeroplane (9,680 feet) from 1911 to 1914. Robinson left the Curtiss Company at Buffalo in 1917 to become General Superintent of the Aeromarine Plane and Motor Corporation.

Received order for $20,000,000 worth of airplanes from the US and allied governments in 1917. At which time John N. Willys of Willys-Overland Company was elected a member of the voting trust, succeeding James Imbre of William Morris Imbrie & Company, and becoming president of "Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corporation". J. E. Keeperley became director "of the Curtiss Corporation", succeeding G. Meyer.[2] (Not sure if the article means to say that Keerpley is the director of a different organization, perhaps a parent company.)

An earlier version of the company, or an earlier name, had a record like this, which is being folded together here: Founders, Designers, Key sponsors: Hugh Robinson joined company in 1910 in California and was associated with building the first successful flying boat with power plant within the hull; introduced the first Curtiss hydro-aeroplane into Europe.


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Names Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corp, Curtiss Aeroplane Co.
Country US
Started aero 1910, 1911
Ended aero
Key people Glenn Curtiss, Hugh Robinson, Charles Willard, Albert Francis Zahm, Aldred "Fred" Victor Verville, John P. Tarbox
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