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=== Sources ===
=== Sources ===
* G181-182; 2dG282; SD177
* G181-182; 2dG282
* SD177

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Léon-Georges Lévy, financier

Constructions Aéronautiques J. Lévy was established to build warplanes designed by others, first built Levy-Besson flying boats and bombers, followed by Levy-Lepen HB2 flying boats. Then, appears to have built two Levy-Biche designs, including LB.2 shipboard fighter, 1927. At some point, also built Levy-Galliat biplane.

The LB.2 was built by Levasseur after Levy closed down.


  • G181-182; 2dG282
  • SD177

Organization names Constructions Aéronautiques J. Lévy
Entity type 1
Country France
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Started aero 1914
Ended aero 1927?
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