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Count Gianni Caproni; Carlo Comitti; Luigi Faccanoni, engineer.

Societa Caproni e Comitti formed November 1911; joined September 1912 by engineer Luigi Faccanoni (builder of first Italian aircraft, January 1909) and firm renamed Societa degli Ing. Caproni e Faccanoni. Soon after, bought by the Italian government; Caproni retained as technical director until early 1915 when government steps out. 1913, factory equips one squadron with monoplane; 1914, prototype Ca. 30 three-engine bomber with two tractor and one pusher propeller built.

Names: Caproni & C., briefly, 1911, Ingg. De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione; 1912 became Societa Ingegneri Caproni e Faccanoi.


Names Caproni & C., De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione, Societa Ingegneri Caproni e Faccanoi.
Country Italy
City Vizzola
Started aero 1911; preceded by Ingg. De Agostini & Caproni Aviazione
Ended aero ca. 1913, government acquires firm, which it runs until early 1915.
Key people Gianni Caproni, Carlo Comitti, Luigi Faccanoni
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