Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale

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The Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale was published by the Ministero d'Agricoltura, Industria, e Commercio of Italy; it contains records of patents (filed and renewed) grouped by two dozen tech categories, including IT 8, navigation & aeronautics.

Scans from 1902—1917 are on HathiTrust. There is a hole in these records in 1905–1906, and numbers missing from other years, which can be filled in, at least partially, from other sources.

This periodical tells us indirectly in what quarter of what year a certain patent was granted, if not an exact date.

The date of the Bollettino in which a patent is first listed might be considered the "Publication Date" for our purposes. On the other hand it is not a complete publication, merely an index.

One, maybe not the only, predecessor to this publication is the Bollettino Industriale del Regno d'Italia.

Source info on Hathitrust:

Original title Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale
Simple title Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale
Authors Ministero di agricoltura, industria e commercio
Date 1902
Countries IT
Languages it
Keywords patents, Italy
Journal Bollettino della proprietà intellettuale
Related to aircraft? -1
Page count
Word count
Wikidata id