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Louis Blériot built variants of Blériot XI, "nearly 800 built in 1913 alone;" also, various wartime aircraft incl. 4-engined bombers. Took control of Établissements A. Deperdussin in late 1913, as it was renamed Societe Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Derives.

Not sure of names of companies here.

According to De Brunoff, 1919, L'áeronautique pendant la guerre mondiale, p. 507, Blériot established his workshop in 1899 and labored for 10 years before commercial success (which might be connected with the formation of a corporate identity) began in 1909, bolstered by Blériot's success and fame as the first to fly across the English Channel.

From 1909–1913, Blériot produced 800 aircraft of 40 different types.

The much bigger Suresnes workshop opened in January 1916, and constructed 8,000 aircraft before the end of the war. [De Brunoff lists all the above info under Blériot Aéronautique and doesn't mention anything about Deperdussin, SPAD, etc. What gives?]


Names Société Blériot Aéronautique (Blériot Aéronautique)
Country France
City rue Duret, Paris; 2 Quai du General Gallieni, Suresnes, Seine
Started aero 1909
Ended aero late 1913
Key people Louis Blériot
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