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=== Sources ===
=== Sources ===
* [[Gunston, 1993]], p32; 2ndG36; Dir1920 p43
* [[Gunston, 1993]], p32; 2ndG36; [[Dir1920]] p43

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Austin Motor Co. made a prototype Austin-Ball fighter, 1916; est. aircraft design dept. 1917, which produced Osprey triplane fighter and Greyhound 1-seat biplane, both flown during war; In 1919 produced three Whippet sporting 1-seat and 2-seat Kestrel.


Organization names Austin Motor Co. (Austin)
Entity type 1
Country Great Britain
City Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham; also London office; and Liancourt, France (all as of 1920)
Affiliated with
Started aero 1916
Ended aero Also built planes during W.W. II.
Key people
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