August Riedinger Ballonfabrik Augsburg G.m.b.H.

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1909.1.1 - Ateliers Auguste Riedinger.png

Seems likely it's the same company advertised as Ateliers Auguste Riedinger, Augsbourg (Bavière)

Making balloons and rubber fabrics.

Locations in Mannheim, Liége, Brussels, and St. Louis.

Claim responsibility for the balloon Helvetia piloted by Col. Theodor Schaeck to win the 3rd Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race.

Hildebrandt, 1908, Airships Past and Present (p. 174):

[A]lmost every civilized nation is developing its ballooning capacities, and lately there has been a tendency towards the adoption of German models, evidence of which is to be found in the fact that within the last nine years the firm of Riedinger, in Augsburg, has supplied more than 500 spherical and kite balloons.

Names August Riedinger Ballonfabrik Augsburg G.m.b.H., Ateliers Auguste Riedinger, Ballonfabrik Augsburg A.G.
Country DE
City Augsburg; Mannheim; Liége; Brussels; St. Louis
Keywords balloons, kite balloons, Helvetia, kites, Atelier
Started aero Before 1909
Ended aero
Key people August Riedinger
Wikidata id