Ateliers d'Aviation Édouard Surcouf, Blériot et Voisin

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Founded July 1905 by Édouard Surcouf, Louis Blériot, and brothers Gabriel and Charles Voisin, this firm has been called the world's first aeroplane manufacturing company.

Appears to have built Blériot No. 1, Voisin-Blériot glider seaplane, 1905. Also appears to have built the Filiasi Hydroplane, 1906, named for its customer as became its tradition, and the next three Blériot seaplanes. None of these were successful. Apparently with the other partners out of the way, Gabriel and Charles formed their own manufacturing firm, Appareils d'Aviation Les Freres Voisin on 5 Nov 1906, and assumed the factory on Rue de la Ferme.

SD296 does not mention the Ateliers d'Aviation and instead dates Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin as 1905.


Names Ateliers d'Aviation Édouard Surcouf, Blériot et Voisin
Country France
City Rue de la Ferme, Billancourt, Paris;
Keywords atelier
Started aero 1905
Ended aero 1906
Key people Édouard Surcouf, Louis Blériot, Gabriel Voisin, Charles Voisin
Wikidata id