Angus, Sanderson and Co.

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Angus, Sanderson and Co., manufacturers of motor cars, built some 200 Armstrong Whitworth FK8 2-seat reconnaissance bombers and a few FK10 quadruplanes to 1918; then, in 1918, built some 250 Sunbeam-engined Bristol fighters.

G and 2dG lists under "S," which appears to be a mistake. Not yet established whether it started before 1917 or what it built before 1918. Not known: when Armstrong Whitworth FK8 was built; have identified some additional sources for research. Gunston says under Siddeley that Armstrong Whitworth formed 1919.

It was named for Sir William Angus.[1]



Names Angus, Sanderson and Co.
Country Great Britain
City Newcastle-on-Tyne
Started aero 1916 ?
Ended aero 1918
Key people William Angus
Wikidata id