Aeroplanbau G. Otto

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2-seat recon. biplanes, pusher and tractor; (named for Lilienthals?)

(The corporate incarnations Ago Fluggesellschaft M. b. H. and Ago Flugzeugwerke G. m. b. H. will tie into later data. These name designations seem to have overlapped, chronologically, in terms of their usage in the international context, and the latter of these corporate incarnations features well in Espacenet data towards the end of the years we are covering and well beyond, with filings in Austria being quite significant, and with Great Britain accepting Post-War applications, making reference to earlier German patents. Regarding the German patents themselves, presence on Espacenet seems to be a weak spot. We are looking into this.)

To do: check when Aerowerke Gustav Otto for AGO designation seems to have stayed


Names Aeroplanbau G. Otto (Ago), became Aerowerke Gustav Otto and then Ago Flugzeugwerke, 1912.
Country Germany
City Berlin-Johannisthal
Started aero 1911
Ended aero 1920
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