Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co.

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Aircraft manufacturing firm of Inglis M. Uppercu became Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co., 1914. Charles F. Willard became chief engineer in early 1917. Albert S. Heinrich, formerly of Heinrich Aeroplane Co. Inc, joined as chief designer, late 1915, but appears to have left in or by 1917 to start his own firm.

flying boats, seaplanes; firm reorganized and named, 1914; then built both land and water machines and held contracts with the U.S. Army and Navy. Became Aeromarine-Klemm, 1928.

1919YB indicates Willard became chief engineer in early 1916 but other research indicates that this should have read 1917. SD credits him with the Willard One-Place Fighter, 1918. So far as we know: This might have been his own aircraft, or might have been an Aeromarine project.


Names Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co., (Aeromarine
Country US
City Keyport, NJ; by late 1915, Nutley, NJ.
Started aero 1908
Ended aero 1928
Key people Inglis M. Uppercu, Charles F. Willard, Albert S. Heinrich
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