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According to G and 2dG, Clinton R. Peterkin, office boy for what we have been calling Wright & Co. assembled the shareholders who incorporated the Wright Company. The new company, registered in Albany NY, on 22 Nov 1909 (offices were to open in New York City the next week) as a closed corporation with capital stock of $1 million, was formed to commercially manufacture aeroplanes and to protect the Wright patents in the US and Canada from possible infringement. One of the Wright brothers was to be president, the other vice-president; Perterkin was another vice president. The executive company consisted of the Wright brothers and investors Theodore P. Shonts, Andrew Freedman, August Belmont, and Russell A. Alger. Cornelius Vanderbilt was another investor. In March 1916, Edward M. Hagar was elected president of the Wright Co. The principal stockholders at that time were William Boyce Thompson, Albert H. Wiggin, William E. Corey, Percy A. Rockefeller, Ambrose Monell, E. C. Converse, Charles H. Sabin, John D. Ryan, and Henry R. Carse.[1]

Aircraft designs for Models B through R included several hydro aeroplanes and several racers, among others. Aircraft for European customers were crated and shipped in pieces to Pau. France, where assembly took place. Wilbur died 31 May 1912. By 1915 Orville had "regained" 97% of the Wright Company stock, which on 13 Oct 1915, he sold to a syndicate–including Thompson, Wiggin, Monell, C. S. Jennison, Harry Payne Whitney, and T. Frank Manville–while he remained a consultant to the Wright Co.[2] By the end of 1915, the Wright Co. had acquired control of the Simplex Automobile Co., New Brunswick, NJ, and Henry Lockhart was president of both companies. Also in 1915, the Wright Co. got exclusive rights to manufacture the Hispano-Suiza motor in the US and production soon got underway at the Simplex plant in New Brunswick. In March 1916, there was a new president. In August 1916, the Wright Co. and Simplex Automobile Co. merged with the Wright Flying Field. Inc., Glenn L. Martin Co., and General Aeronautic Co. of America to form the Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp., of New Brunswick NJ.[1]


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Names Wright Company
Country US
City Dayton, Ohio; New York, New York
Keywords airplane
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1916
Key people Wright Brothers, Clinton R. Peterkin
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