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William Whitney Christmas was an aero inventor and physician.

In 1909 he founded the Christmas Aeroplane Company with Creed M. Fulton, Lester C. McLeod, and Thomas W. Buckley (the assignees on Patent US-1910-957744.)[1]

William Whitney Christmas in 1915.jpg

In 1919 he displayed the "Christmas Bullet" airplane, described by some as the worst airplane ever made.[1]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is William Whitney Christmas


  1. 1.0 1.1 Joseph Tyler Lovell, "The Christmas Bullet Was The Worst Plane Ever Made", Foxtrot Alpha, 19 April 2018. "The plane was the brainchild of Dr. William W. Christmas, a conman and a psychopath generously described by the Smithsonian Institute as a “pioneer in aeronautical research.” Dr. Christmas did not have a doctorate in engineering; he was a medical doctor, albeit one for whom the Hippocratic Oath appears to be more of a set of loose suggestions than strict guidelines."


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Names William Whitney Christmas
Birth date 1865-09-01
Death date 1960-04-14
Countries US
Occupations physician
Tech areas Airplane, Biplane
Affiliations Christmas Aeroplane Company, Cantilever Aero Company
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