Wiener Karosserie und Flugzeugfabrik

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Originally Wiener Karosserie Fabrik, Vienna Carriage Factory of Dr. Wilhelm von Gutmann, becoming Wiener Karosserie und Flugzeugfabrik, Vienna Carriage and Aeroplane Factory. Designer, Ing. Alfred Gassner.

WKF 43 was a Lloyd reconnaissance bomber modified with a 165hp Austra-Daimler engine instead of a 145hp engine; production apparently began in July 1915. No. 44 was a new 10-spar wing design; then built prototypes of Knoller designs. The type-80 protypes, 80.01-80.12, were original WKF designs; presumably all were by Gassner, who designed the 80.05, a triplane fighter of all-wooden construction first flown November 1917 and broken up in May 1919. In 1918, the 80.06B was accepted for series production as the WKF D.1 (further modified, it became WKF 85); approval was given for 48 aircraft in September 1918; 24 or 25 were reported to be complete in January 1919 but a deal to sell 20 to Poland fell through due to the two test aircraft being defective. Is also said to have built Aviatik D.1 (Series 184, 284, and 384) fighter under license, probably in 1917-1918.

Firm's name and its spelling are from SD. G lists as Wiener Karroserie (sic) Fabrik and 2dG lists under "K" as Wiener Karrosserie (sic) Fabrk. We suspect the labeling of the WKF 80.06B in its production runas WKF D.1 may mean that it was a fighter aircraft; it is not a reference to the Aviatik D.1.


Names Wiener Karosserie und Flugzeugfabrik, WKF
Country Austria-Hungary
City Vienna, Austria
Started aero 1913 or 1915
Ended aero 1919?
Key people Wilhelm von Gutmann, Alfred Gassner
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