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Walter Hermann von Mach was a retired captain of the Prussian army, who filed patents internationally related to fire protection for aerial balloons.

In 1908 von Mach filed from Berlin-Schönberg. In 1910 Von Mach's filing address was Zoppot, now spelled Sopot (w:Sopot, w:de:Sopot), a city in Prussian territory which is now part of Poland. It is just north of Gdansk, on the coast of the Baltic sea.

A blurb in the London Gazette states that von Mach died on 1 June 1916 in Schönberg. His name here is in one place shortened to Walter von Mach.[1] A listing in a genealogical publication lists him making an inquiry.[2] Speculatively, Walter von Mach could be related to art historian w:Edmund von Mach who was born in East Prussia 65 miles from Zoppot.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Walter Hermann von Mach


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Names Walter Hermann von Mach; Walter Herrman von Mach; Walter von Mach
Birth date
Death date 1916/06/01
Countries DE, Prussia, Poland
Locations Zoppot; Schönberg, Berlin
Occupations military officer
Tech areas LTA, Balloon, Safety, Ballonet
Wikidata id