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British chartered patent agent W. P. Thompson & Co. was recorded as being at 77 Market Street, Bradford; at 6 Lord Street, Liverpool; and at 285 High Holborn, London, W.C.[1] On another occasion the firm was recorded as being at address 322 High Holborn, London, W.C. and at Liverpool and Bradford.

The founder of the agency must have been William Phillips Thompson who was also an aero inventor, and director of Planes Ltd.

Patent agent J. Owden O'Brien was successor to and late of W.P. Thompson & Co. of Manchester, U.K.[2]

Thompson, Handbook of Patent Law in All Countries (1905) observes:[3]

Formerly we had numerous branch agencies in Great Britain each using our name. Finding this mode of doing business unsatisfactory we abandoned it. Some of these agencies still legally describe themselves as "late W. P. Thompson & Co., of——" but we have no connection with them, and none of their principals were ever partners in this firm.

The 1920 edition of the same work[4] lists principals of the firm. These were Thompson himself and:

From page merged in here: William Phillips Thompson was a director of Planes Ltd. for 1909-1912. He was associated with an ornithopter, 1912. He may have been the patent agent for a design rather than a designer and/or builder himself.

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