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U.S. Patent classification 244/104 is for resiliently-mounted landing gear, normally with springs, which reduce the shock of landing.[1]

There are many suffixes on USPC 244/104, which are combined into reports here on this page:

  • 104CS resiliently-mounted landing gear with coil spring
  • 104FP resiliently-mounted landing gear using fluid pressure
  • 104LS resiliently-mounted landing gear with leaf springs[2]
  • 104R this is probably a Residual category, for those not fitting into the categories above while they lasted.

Based on advice from a specialist at US PTO we will not try to keep these letter suffixes in separate pages. They were not long-lasting categories. So they are not subclasses in the sense usually used in patent classifications.


Patents in categories USPC 244/104, USPC 244/104CS, USPC 244/104FP, USPC 244/104LS, or USPC 244/104R

Enclosing categories USPC 244/103
Keywords Landing, CPC B64C25/00
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