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Theodor Scheimpflug was an inventor interested in aerial photography, and an officer in the Austrian army.

Scheimpflug came from a distinguished & scholarly Austrian family; he studied at the Vienna Gymnasium and the Marine-Akademie in Fiume, then went into the Navy.[1] Later he was affiliated with the Austrian Militärgeographische Institut.

In 1907 published "Die herstellung von Karten und Plänen auf photographischen Wege".[2]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Theodor Scheimpflug

  • Patent AT-1903-31973 (English title: Procedure for producing accurate layer-maps: maps and military plans of the ground from kite or balloon photographs, as well as artificial photographics from aboard a ship, Filing date: 1903-10-23)
  • Patent AT-1903-20467 (English title: Apparatus for activating a mechanism held aloft by kite or captive balloon, Filing date: 1903-11-12)
  • Patent DE-1908-222386 (English title: Procedure for producing accurate layer-maps from photographs, Supplementary to patent: Patent AT-1903-31973, Filing date: 1908-01-30)

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  • [1] - more on patents

Names Theodor Scheimpflug
Birth date October 7, 1865
Death date August 22, 1911
Countries AT
Locations Vienna
Occupations military officer
Tech areas Photography, Balloon, Kite, Military
Affiliations Militärgeographische Institut
Wikidata id