Textbook of Naval Aeronautics

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Henry Woodhouse. Textbook of Naval Aeronautics. New York: The Century Co., 1917.

Online at Internet Archive.

Introduction by Rear Admiral Bradley A. Fiske, focusing on the urgent need for aircraft in the war and especially their use against German submarines. He also mentions, a little euphemistically, that airplanes are useful for chemical warfare:

The extend use of chemicals in the present war has started the re-development of a special branch of warfare. For many years before this war, the effective work done by navies and armies against their enemies was almost wholly the mechanical work performed by weapons in striking blows, and thus inflicting mechanical injuries on men and defenses placed around them. But in the present war, injuries which were chemical and physiological have been inflicted, by the ancient means of flames and gases. To transport swiftly the comparatively light apparatus needed fo this class of work, aircraft, even of the sizes of the present day, are admirably adapted.

Includes complete specifications for motors in a bid request put forth by the U.S. Navy on 14 September 1914 (pp. 231–240).

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