Talleres Nacionales de Construcciones Aeronauticas

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Mexican national factory; produced engines, mainly Hispano, and, under license, Blériot and Morane-Saulnier aircraft, followed, 1918, by Microplano fighter and 2-seat monoplanes and biplanes. In 1928-29, under Brig.-Gen. Juan Azcarate, designer and chief of aviation staff, produced first native designs, a bombing-reconnaissance sesquiplane and a traininng/sporting sesquiplane, both known as an Azcarate.

TNCA was early name and TGAM later name it seems.

Government stopped manufacture, 1930-1942


Names Talleres Nacionales de Construcciones Aeronauticas, TNCA, Talleres Generales de Aeronautica Militar, TGAM
Country Mexico
City Valbuena, Mexico
Started aero 1915
Ended aero 1930?
Key people Juan Azcarate
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