Società Italiana Transaerea

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The Società Italiana Transaerea was a company formed in the spring of 1912 to respond to requirement of Italian Ministry of War for construction of 70 aeroplanes by spring 1913. Capital was obtained from several large industrialists and Blériot provided technical assistance.

Initially produced 47 Blériot 80hp and two Blériot 50hp followed by 31 Farman 70hp; then, beginning 1915, built 36 Voisin LAs and some Pomilio SP2s and SP3s. Only SIT design was a single prototype, 1913, derived from Farman F20 biplane. Production wound up in August 1917 and in September the factory was taken over by Ansaldo.


Names Società Italiana Transaerea, SIT
Country Italy
City Corso Peschiera, Turin
Started aero 1912
Ended aero 1917
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