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Key persons: brothers Louis and Jacques Breguet; Prof. Charles Richet

Société des Avions Louis Breguet did 60 years of uninterrupted production of many designs that included to 1918 many tractor biplanes, a flying boat; and a pusher bomber, the latter mass-produced at Michelin works as BUM (Breguet-Michelin). Control of company passed by French government to Dassault, 14 December 1971.[1]

Following the pattern established by Louis Bréguet before 1911, as agents the company used Armengaud jeune in France and Johnsons & Willcox in England.

1913, opened UK affiliate British Breguet Plane Limited Company.[2]

Breguet, in 1914 or just before, created an aerial signaling apparatus similar to the one designed by James Means.[3]

The company was an international airplane supplier before and during the war.[4]

Relocated from Douai to Vélizy-Villacoublay in response to the German invasion.[5]

In 1919, held some long distance "raids" (long-distance voyages) to demonstrate the endurance of its aircraft.[6]

  • Addresses: 17, rue de la République, Douai (Patent GB-1911-27021); 115, rue de la Pompe, Paris (XCIe)-Velizy (Seine et Oise), France (Dir1920 p22, believe)


Patents connected with a/the Bréguet company (which, like Bréguet himself, seems to use a different version of the name every time):

Using this search temporarily (hopefully) to turn up entries from the database (espacenet's name for his company; often appears different on the patent):


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Names Ateliers d'aviation Louis Bréguet, Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Bréguet, Société des Avions Louis Breguet (Breguet), Société Anonyme des Ateliers D'Aviation, Société Anonyme
Country France
City Douai (through August 1914); Villacoublay
Keywords atelier
Started aero 1911
Ended aero Government takeover, 1971
Key people Louis-Charles Bréguet, Jacques Bréguet, Charles Richet
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