Société d'Études des Aéronautiques

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Formed by Henry Potez, Marcel Bloch, and Louis Coroller; Julien Bessonneau, if he was not one of the original members, appears to have soon joined them for they are all credited with design of the SEA4.

Made SPAD7s. Fourth original prototype, SEA4, was a successful improvement on existing types and in 1918, Potez, Bloch, and Bessonneau formed Compagnie Anjou Aeronautique at Anjou for its manufacture; 115 were built by WW1 Armistice at which time company stopped production.

In 1918 Société d'Études des Aéronautiques (SEA) ended. The Compagnie Anjour Aéronautique also appears to have ended in 1918. SD appears to mistakenly refer to Bessonneau as Basin. In 1919, Potez formed Aeroplanes Henry Potez, which lasted until taken over in the 1936 nationalization.


Names Societe d'Etudes Aeronautqiues
Country France
City Sussernes
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1918
Key people Henry Potez, Marcel Bloch, Louis Coroller, Julien Bessonneau
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