Société Générale d'Aéro-Locomotion

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Nieuport-Duplex, a firm founded in 1902 for the manufacture of engine components, was reformed in 1909 as Societe Generale d'Aero-Locomotion to sell products to the aviation industry. Firm member Édouard Nieuport (pseud. of Édouard Deniéport) learned to fly in 1909 at the Voisin school at Chalons, France, and built monoplanes to his own design under the name Nieuport.

Firm built engine components, including ignition parts, for the aviation industry. Firm member Édouard de Nieuport built small 1-seat monoplane of his own design that he flew 30 Dec. 1909 on parade ground at Issy; flood at Issy in early 1910 destroyed the Nieuport and many other aircraft in their hangars. Édouard then built a second design that included a non-lifting tail and enclosed fuselage in which he earned his pilote-aviateur certificate in early June 1910; it is unclear whether he flew this or another of his monoplanes at the Rheims Aviation Meet in July 1910. By late August 1910, the French Ministry of War had Nieuport monoplanes on order and by the end of the year the pilot Charles Weymann had purchased a Nieuport in which to compete. In 1911, the company reformed as Nieuport et Deplante.

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Names Édouard Nieuport (pseud. of Édouard Deniéport), Société Générale d'Aéro-Locomotion, SGAL, Nieuport et Deplante, Nieuport-Duplex
Country France
City Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris
Started aero 1909
Ended aero 1910
Key people Édouard Nieuport, Édouard Deniéport, Édouard de Nieuport, Charles Weymann
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