Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes Robert Savary

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Founder Robert Savary was an engineer. He designed a biplane using a system of deformation instead of warping of the planes, constructed at works of Leon Bolles, a motor car manufacturer, 1909. By 1914, had designed and built at least 12 biplanes, all different, including single- and double-propeller racers and military biplanes. By mid-1910 ran a flying school at Chartes that used his biplanes and by mid-1912 was running a military school at Chartres. In 1911, one of his military biplanes won the Legion d'Honneur. Appears to have retired in 1914 but in 1916 soon returned to manufacturing as co-founder of Les Ateliers d'Aviation R. Savrary et H. de la Fresnaye.

more is available in FM through 1914


Names Société Anonyme des Aeroplanes Robert Savary, Savary
Country France
City Chartes
Started aero by 1909
Ended aero 1914
Key people Robert Savary, Leon Bolles
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