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Riga factory built Farman-designed aeroplanes for Russian military; at St. Petersburg from mid-1914, built nearly 200 aircraft from Farman, Morane, and Lebed designs. Also at St. Petersburg built modified Farman 16s, rebuilt a Nieuport to have conventional stick and pedal controls, and built a monocoque fighter monoplane and a twin-boom aircraft with 3-seat gondola, both designed by G. P. Adler.

Key people included: Vladimir Viktorovich Slyusarenko; wife and pilot Lidiya Vissarionova Zvereva; designer G. P. Adler


Names Slyusarenko
Country Russia
City originally at Riga, Latvia, Russia; then St. Petersburg, Russia, from mid-1914
Started aero 1913
Ended aero presumably by 1918
Key people Vladimir Viktorovich Slyusarenko, Lidiya Vissarionova Zvereva, G. P. Adler
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