Siddeley Deasy Motor Car Co.

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Siddeley Deasy Motor Car Co. produced aircraft engines and Avro DH10 and Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c-e and RE7-8 designs as well as its own aircraft designs. The latter, which apparently drew few if any orders, were military designs including bombers. In 1919, Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth purchased Siddeley Deasey and moved it to Coventry, forming Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft and Armstrong Siddeley Motors.

After purchasing Siddeley Deasey, the W. G. Armstrrong Whitworth Aircraft design team was relocated to Parkside, Coventry, while the factory was relocated to Whitley Airfield, Conventry. This suggests that Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft took over the facilities of Siddeley Deasey.

Key people include John Siddely.


Names Siddeley Deasy Motor Car Co. Ltd.
Country Great Britain
City Parkside, Coventry, England
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1919
Key people
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