Sablatnig Flugzeugbau

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Sablatnig Flugzeugbau was a company in Berlin that built airplanes and seaplanes.

Dr. Joseph Sablatnig, pilot and experimenter, was director of Union Flugzeugwerke, 1913-1915.

Sablatnig Flugzeugbau was primarily a builder of naval seaplanes but also built several types of landplanes in small numbers including armed 2-seaters, night bombers, and 2-seat night fighters. LVG made a few seaplanes for Sablatnig. Postwar efforts centered around a 4-passenger cabin aircraft with foldable parsol wings. The business ended in 1921.

Formally the company was a GmbH in Germany.


Names Sablatnig Flugzeugbau, Sablatnig Flugzeugbau GmbH
Country Germany
City Berlin
Affiliations LVG
Keywords seaplanes
Started aero 1915
Ended aero 1921
Key people Joseph Sablatnig
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