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Frederick Richard Simms was one of the founders of the Aero Club of the United Kingdom, later renamed to have "Royal" in front. The Aero Club was a fuonding member of the FAI.

  • 1901: Club founded then, we think
  • 1905: Affiliated with FAI on 14 Oct. 1905
  • Beginning 1905, it had issued Aeronauts' Certificates for balloonists and, beginning 1910, it issued Aviators' Certificates for aircraft pilots recognized internationally under the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.
  • 1909: Pursuant to agreement in 1909 with the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain and the Aerial League of the British Empire, the Aero Club of the United Kingdom, originally founded as a club for balloonists, would serve as the paramount body in all matters of sport and the development of the art of aeronautics in the United Kingdom.
  • A flying ground had been established at Muswell Manor near Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey in 1909.
  • The magazine Flight, later Flight International, began publication 2 Jan. 1909 and is still published today.
  • 1910: The Royal prefix was granted to the Aero Club of the United Kingdom on 15 Feb. 1910 and it became the RAeCUK. The Aero Club League was founded by the club no later than January 1909 and was open to non-members. Associated clubs in England, Ireland, and Australia are identified as affiliates of the RAeCUK in the affiliates column in this table.

The Year Book began publication in 1914. At the FAI Conference Statutaire in October 1910, reported not only the gas consumed by balloons but also reported seven aeroplanes in the country. Great Britain's first aviation government office, the Department of Air Ministry, came about because of the insistence of the Royal Aero Club. At the club's behest, Parliament passed a series of laws, the Aerial Navigation Acts limiting entry of foreign aeroplanes into British international boundaries.

  • Address: 166 Piccadilly, London, N.W. (1910-1916); 3 Clifford Street, New Bond Street, London, W.I. (1916-at least 1919)
  • Cable address=Aeroplane, London (1906); Aerodrom London (at least 1910-1919)
  • Phone=Gerrard 2140 (1906); Mayfair 1643 (at least 1910-1912); Regent 1327 and 1328 (at least 1919)


Organization names Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom; RAeCUK
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Country Great Britain
City London
Affiliated with FAI
Scope National
Started aero 1901 (predecessor in name)
Ended aero still exists
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