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Robey and Co. Ltd. was an established engineering firm when it joined to war effort to build aeroplanes. J. A. Peters, designer.

Built licensed Vickers and Short designs as well as an original single-seat scout and a Robey Peters biplane fighter with 250hp Rolls-Royce engine and a gunner in each of the two nacelles on the top wing.

Gunston mentions Mk1, 1916, and Mk2, 1917. Have not yet identified what Mk stands for and whether these were original or licensed aircraft; also do not know if Peters designed the scout and whether Robey fighting machine listed in SD is the Robey-Peters or another fighter.


Names Robey and Co. Ltd.
Country Great Britain
City Lincoln, England
Started aero 1914
Ended aero 1918?
Key people J. A. Peters
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