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Entrance of Renault Frères factory, rue du Cours (currently avenue Émile-Zola) at Boulogne-Billancourt, at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Although this corporate group is popularly and rightly known over the long term for the design and production of its automobiles, it also designed and produced motors specifically orientated towards the airplane. In terms of patents, inclusive of aero patents not exclusively or merely involving motors, the firm's key founder, Louis Renault, is of the greatest interest to us.

In terms of patents, and aviation patents not exclusively or merely featuring motors, it is Louis Renault who is of the greatest interest to us, and when we come across the surname “Renault”, as applied to an individual, particularly in our context, this will be a reference to Louis Renault.

The firm's earliest formal incorporation occurred with the founding of the Société Renault Frères, by Louis Renault in collaboration with his friends Thomas Evert and Julian Wyer, 25 February 1899[1]. The roles played by Marcel Renault and Fernand Renault are yet to be clarified. There is also an apparently unrelated Eugene Renault, located in Britain, also of interest to us.[2]

Although a natural and unavoidable spotlight has been put upon the individual Louis Renault, the corporate group is crucial to our data in that “Renault motors”, the design provenance of which we don't know, are key in connection with the airplanes associated with Caudron and Farman and Louis-Charles Bréguet. Likewise we have many publications featuring “Renault motors”.


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Names Renault, Société Renault Frères, Renault Frères, Groupe Renault
Country France
City 15, rue Gustav Sandoz, Billancourt, Seine, France ; rue du Cours (currently avenue Émile-Zola) at Boulogne-Billancourt
Started aero 1912 or maybe even 1914
Ended aero
Key people Louis Renault, Thomas Evert, Julian Wyer, Marcel Renault, Fernand Renault
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