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René Hanriot was an aero inventor, engaging in at least some collaboration with Henri-Hubert Pagny, and filing from within département Marne, France.[1]

We are finding cases of an incorporated Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot, through which there was further collaboration with Henri-Hubert Pagny.[2]

We have Hanriot addressed at 11, rue Noël, Reims, département Marne, France and identified as an "Airplane Builder".[3] We have here at least the idea of manufacture, along the course of the aforementioned incorporation.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is René Hanriot


Names René Hanriot
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations département Marne, France
Occupations Manufacturer
Tech areas Airplane, Wheels, Frame, Construction, Design, Elasticity, Chassis, Landing, Rudder, Cables, Piloting, Control, Suspension, Longerons, Wings, Fuselage, Tail fin, Flexibility, Landing, Chassis, Shock-absorbers, Wheels, Springs
Affiliations Société anonyme des appareils d'aviation Hanriot
Wikidata id