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Raoul Vendôme produced at least 14 distinct monoplanes and biplanes starting 1906, three of which were associated with the company Odier and Vendôme. The bird-like No. 2 of 1908 used two independent levers to warp the main wings either in the same or contrary sense and had a flexible wooden tractor screw. The No. 3 monoplane of 1909 featured double-surfaced wings set at a slight dihedral angle; at the extremities of the wings, hinged tips were attached. 1914 saw a military monoplane. The final design, an observation biplane of 1916, featured two Gnôme engines in the fuselage driving outboard propellers.


Names Raoul Vendôme et Cie
Country France
City workshop in hangar adjacent to factory of Regy Freres at Grenelle, Paris, we think
Started aero 1906
Ended aero 1916
Key people Raoul Vendôme
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