Publication 8232, 1895, A new flying machine. Maxim's experiments in aerial navigation

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More experiments on aerodynamics: different materials and designs. (Adds to Maxim, 1891, Aerial navigation, The power required.) Maxim conducted experiments using an 1800-foot railroad track.

The new aëroplane is 50 feet wide and about 40 feet long in the middle, but with the corners cut off so that the length at the sides is only 12 feet. The sharp edges both fore and aft are formed by drawing the fabric tightly over steel wires. When the machine is run at a speed of about 36 miles an hour, this main aëroplane will lift from five eighths to three fourths of the whole weight of the machine. The long and relatively narrow wings which project 27 feet beyond this main aëroplane on each side, are found to be much more efficient than the main aëroplane itself; but I should not regard a machine without a large aëroplane as being safe at this particular stage of the experiments. In addition to the wings which extend on each side of the machine, a fore and an after rudder are provided, which are for the purpose of steering the machine in a vertical direction.
It will be understood that a flying-machine operating on the aëroplane system depends for its ascensional power upon being driven forward at a high velocity, the front side of the aëroplane being titled upward so that, as the machine advances, the air is pressed downward and the machine upward as with a kite. (452–3)

"The experiments which I have conducted have certainly proved that a machine can be made sufficiently powerful and light to lift itself in the air." (455)

Original title A new flying machine. Maxim's experiments in aerial navigation
Simple title Maxim's experiments in aerial navigation
Authors Hiram Stevens Maxim
Date 1895
Countries US
Languages en
Keywords airplane, heavier-than-air, aerodynamics, propulsion, steam, engine, propeller, aluminum, fabric, frame, track, springs, rudder, airfoil
Journal Century Mag.
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Page count 13
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  • Brockett 1910, page 566, entry 8232: [Maxim, Hiram Stevens.] A new flying machine. Maxim's experiments in aerial navigation. Century Mag., Vol. 49, No. 3, 1895, New York, pp. 444-456, figs. 1-19. S (8232
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