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Various improvements to strength and utility of hulls of "flying boats". These include side fins and a "hydroplaning bottom".

According to Curtiss the "flying boat" is a type of hydroplane and the invention might apply to other types as well.

My invention relates to boat hulls of that description commonly used in connection with the type of flying machines called flying boats. This type is characterized by the support of the tail controls upon and the passengers in the body of the boat hull which also carries abeam of itself an air supporting surface. However, as will appear hereinafter more clearly, my invention is applicable to hulls of hydroplanes of other types than flying boats.


Year filed 1915
Year granted 1916
Office US
Patent number 1210374
Inventors Glenn Curtiss
Inventor country
Applicant person Glenn H. Curtiss
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Hull for flying-boats
English title Hull for flying-boats
Tech fields flying boat, hydroplane, frame, marine, subsystem
Filing date 1915-10-18
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Grant date 1916-12-26
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Serial number 56603
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