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The object of this invention is the construction of an aeronautic apparatus based upon the principle termed the "heavier than air principle" in contradistinction to the principle which consists in giving to the balloon a weight less than that of the air displaced, and in fact my aeronautic apparatus presents the double characteristic of being provided on the one hand with balloons inflated with a gas which is lighter than air, and seeing that, even in spite of this partial lightening, it has still a total weight greater than, or at least equal to, that of the air displaced, of being provided, on the other hand with rotating helices which produce its ascent.

Refers to a French patent filed 21 March 1898. Resembled by Patent US-1900-648634 and might be the 'same invention' to some degree, but presented differently.

Inventor location: 6, Cité Bergère, Paris, France

Inventor occupation: Gentleman


Year filed 1898
Year granted 1899
Office GB
Patent number 22103
Inventors Louis-Étienne Roze
Inventor country FR
Applicant person
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Improvement in Aerial Machines and Anchoring Devices therefor
English title Aerial Machines and Anchoring Devices therefor
Tech fields mooring, balloon, heavier-than-air, LTA, hybrid, frame, rigid, aluminum, ballonet, compartments, parachute
Filing date 1898-10-20
Full specification filed date 1898-10-20
Application number
Grant date 1899-04-01
Granted? 1
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Related to aircraft? 1
Serial number
Patent agent Haseltine, Lake & Co.
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Number of text pages 5
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Number of figures 6
Number of claims 6