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Lilienthal museum's notes, translated:[1] A rectangular frame made of pipes in the middle provides the pilot on a paddock. On the narrower side of the rectangle are front and rear jeweis two small helicopters. They are driven by compressed air, which are in containers in front or behind the plane. Depending on another helicopter rotor is mounted underneath the front and back. Here is the drive using the pedals, which enters the plane. The propulsion is effected by a pressure screw behind the plane, which is driven by a hand wheel on the right hand of the pilot. Via cables is a front elevation and to operate behind a rudder.

Econterms's note: There's no DE patent # in the source ; possibly this is not a German patent but a US one espacenet I think this is a US patent, listed at the Lilienthal museum patents but having nothing to do with German. No patent number is clear

  • Inventor location: New Haven, CT, US
  • Haven't found a patent yet, but found sources on what must be the right guy and the right invention: Publication 1054, 1885, Ayres' aerial machine. A John Ayres in or near New Haven has patents in google patents, not obviously aero-related. (need to find that agan)


  1. Archive record of this patent at Lilienthal museum patents, Source 1, pp. 65 ; Research: Seifert

Year filed
Year granted 1885
Office ??
Patent number ao
Inventors Ayres
Inventor country US
Applicant person
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Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Schraubenflieger
English title Propeller plane
Tech fields helicopter, propeller, airplane
Filing date 1885
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