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Year filed
Year granted 1867
Office ??
Patent number aj
Inventors Butler
Inventor country
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Applicant is inventor? 1
Original title Rückstoßgetriebener Flugapparat
English title Complete recoil flying apparatus
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Granted? 0
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Related to aircraft? Yes
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Family year 1867
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  • Lilienthal museum patents espacenet England. It is based on the folding model of a paper airplane in arrow shape that is stable flight. The wing was a very acute triangle with the tip in the direction of flight. The wing had keeled, higher on the sides than in the middle, so I had a V-shape. A vertical surface was the long stability and progress brought here. The engine was moved in the direction of flight. Steam engine as it should emit the steam back as recoil drive or drive a screw propeller. The steam would condense in the wings, which were covered twice. The principle John Kinnersley Smythies had explained in his patent of 1860, Maxim then realized. Butler and Edward wanted to combine several such devices side by side and one above the other and stiffen, so that a whole arises, sh. Also Jarolimeks classification principle. Source: Source 1, 194 research: Seifert
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