Parnall and Sons Ltd.

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Company, a manufacturer of shop fittings, was acquired by W & T Avery in 1898, but retained its original name and management.

Got contracts early in 1916 from British military to build aircraft for other manufacturers, including Sopwith, Aero, and Short; also built two of its own designs, a prototype wooden biplane Scout, 1916, which was rejected by the British Admiralty, and the Panther. Returned to shop fittings business after WWI.

Starting again in the 1930s, the company received contracts from the British Air Ministry to build airframes and components.

People: George Parnall, managing direction; A. Camden-Pratt, designer.


Names Parnall and Sons Ltd.
Country Great Britain
City Mivart St., Bristol, England
Started aero 1916
Ended aero 1918?
Key people George Parnall, A. Camden-Pratt
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