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Société Générale d'Aéro-Locomotion, manufacturer of engine components, which had also built Nieuport monoplanes 1909-1910, reformed in 1911 as Nieuport et Deplante to continue building aircraft and aircraft components. The firm was headed by Édouard Nieuport until his death after which his brother Charles Nieuport took over the management.

Franz Schneider, designer, 1911, left in 1912 to go to "LVG", or Luftverkehrsgesellschaft, that is, our Luft Verkehrs G.m.b.H ; unclear whether he was Nieuport prior to 1911.

Built aircraft ignition parts and fast monoplanes that set many speed and distance records; also ran flying schools at Mourmelon and elsewhere. In July 1911, delivered passenger-carrying Nieuport monoplane to Brooklands Aerodrome. Designer and company head, Édouard Nieuport, died 15 Sept. 1911 from injuries incurred during a bad landing during French military maneuvers at Charny, France. By the end of 1911, company was taken over by Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe and reorganized as limited company Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport.

Société Nieuport (e) et Deplant according to one source identified through Google Books, which we need to see at a library)


Names Nieuport et Deplante
Country France
City Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris; flying school at Mourmelon, France; agent at Brooklands Aerodrome, Weybrdige, Surrey, England, UK.
Started aero 1911
Ended aero 1911
Key people Édouard Nieuport, Franz Schneider, Charles Nieuport
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