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Monthly Weather Review is a meteorological journal connected with the U.S. Weather Bureau. Cleveland Abbe was its founder and its editor in 1899–1900, maybe other times.

Publication began in 1872 and volumes are numbered by year (vol. 28 no. 1 is Janaury 1900, etc.)

MWR often had published articles on aeronautics, including reports on international meteorology and aeronautics conferences by Abbott Lawrence Rotch and others.


Wright Brothers

The MWR had a long relationship with the Wright Brothers. According to Kirk, 1995[1]

Now ready to try a man-carrying kite, the Wrights needed a place with the kind of stiff, reliable winds the Dayton area did not offer. On November 27, 1899, Wilbur wrote to the United States Weather Bureau asking for information on wind velocities in the Chicago area.
With his reply of December 4, Willis Moore, the head of the Weather Bureau, went one better than that. He sent a couple of copies of the Monthly Weather Review, which included tables of average hourly wind velocities at all the weather stations in the country. This was the means by which the Wrights first became aware of the existence of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, though the place was not of immediate interest to them.

(Kirk writes further than Octave Chanute, based on the experience of his Indiana glider trials, advised the Wrights to stay away from urban media outlets. Thus the windy beaches of Kitty Hawk, and Myrtle Beach, SC, were selected by process of elimination.)

Several letters between Wilbur Wight and Cleveland Abbe deal with the MWR; in one case, they are invited to contribute (but did they?); in another they have requested archives. Some of their experiments are described in a bulletin, dated December 1903, titled "Meteorology and the Art of Flying".


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