McCurdy-Willard Aeroplane Company

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John Alexander Douglas McCurdy and Charles F. Willard started McCurdy-Willard Aeroplane Company of New York. It was intended to do exhibitions of aeroplanes, and did so in 1911 at least. Aside from existing in 1911 it's not clear yet exactly when it was founded or what it did after 1911.


  • Willis Cecil Winters. 2010. Fair Park. p. 36 (The book Fair Park seems to be about the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas; see [1] and [2]; the relation to a 1911 exhibition is not clear yet)

Names McCurdy-Willard Aeroplane Company
Country US
City New York City
Started aero 1911
Ended aero
Key people John Alexander Douglas McCurdy, Charles F. Willard
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