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Key people: H. P. Martin and George Handasyde, A. A. Fletcher was designer at some point before leaving, 1916, to join London and Provincial. F2 was called Raymor, after Fred Raynham and C. W. F. Morgan, who were presumably its designers.

Martinsyde built several hundred scout biplanes; F4 Buzzard 1-seat fighter was ordered in large numbers but only some 60 were delivered by WW1 Armistice. Company declined with end of WWI and went into receivership May 1921.

Locations according to 1920Dir42., which advertised F4 as land or seaplane with one or two seats. G and 2dG say reregistered as Martinsyde 1912 or early 1913 but SD, which we know to be based on archival sources, says after operating as Martin-Handasyde, formally incoporated as Martinsyde, Ltd., 1914. After company went into receivership 1921, assets were acquired by the Aircraft Disposal Co. (ADC), which designed aircraft designated as Martinsyde. Handasyde went on to form Handasyde Aircraft Co. Ltd.


Names Martinsyde Ltd.
Country Great Britain
City head office at Surrey; aerodrome at Brooklands; additional office, London, all England.
Started aero 1914
Ended aero 1921
Key people H. P. Martin, George Handasyde, A. A. Fletcher, Fred Raynham, C. W. F. Morgan
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