Manifeste de l'autolocomotion aérienne, 1863

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Nadar (& Gustave Ponton d'Amécourt & Gabriel de La Landelle?). Manifeste de l'autolocomotion aérienne.

Released soon after the creation of the Société d'encouragement pour la locomotion aérienne au moyen d'appareils plus lourds que l'air.

Félix, meanwhile, organized an event to trumpet the ideas of the fledgling society. He sent out several hundred invitations—"to pretty much everyone." On July 30 a huge crowd descended on the studio, filling it entirely and spilling down the stairs. He read out his recently composed manifesto, Manifesto de l'autolocomotion aérienne (Aerial Autolocomotion Manifesto); La Landelle and Ponton d'Amécourt offered a demonstration of their "embryonic" helicopters' La Landelle made a speech echoing Félix's manifesto and signing the virtues of the propeller; and a proponent of dirigible balloons was allowed to offer a rebuttal to the society's anti-aerostat ideas.[1]

Ponton d'Amécourt and de La Landelle also signed the manifesto, according to de Graffigny.[2]

Surely there is a copy somewhere for us to examine.


Original title Manifeste de l'autolocomotion aérienne
Simple title Aerial Autolocomotion Manifesto
Authors Nadar
Date 1863
Countries FR
Languages fr
Keywords heavier-than-air
Related to aircraft? 1
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